Bina Dekner-Raviv  |  Biographical Notes

Born in 1960, Bat-Yam, Israel. 

Married plus two, living in Modi`in, Israel.
Graduated in 1982 from the Tel Aviv University - History and Archaeology Bachelor`s degree.

Graduated in 1986 from Bat Yam School of Art- Painting, Sculpting and Graphics. 


My style is Realistic-Figurative. 

My experience with sculpting the human body in 3D complements my Paintings & vice versa. I am inspired by the relationship of humans in the context of the environment - I try to capture the spontaneity and comic moments in life and show them in my work.

As an art teacher, I am always looking for new techniques.

I use brushes and Palette knife to express depth and richness of colors. Adding light and shadow for unique differentiating dimension. I paint portraits and people from all over the world.


As a sculptor my focus is the human body, 

I combine several clay`s in order to create a multi-color, with original natural color sculptures.

My sculptures are accurate realistic providing optimistic and positive approach showing the beauty of humankind.



My art is displayed at several galleries, business and residential homes in Israel and Miami. 

Art Studies
1983-1986 Graphics, Painting and Sculpting, Bat Yam Art School institute.
1998 Clay Sculpting, Aviva Antes Studio.
2009 Net Sculpting, Shulamit Hartal Studio.
2010 Iron Sculpting, Reznik Shimon Studio.
2011-2014  Clay Sculpting, Sudai Yehudit Studio.
2010-2014 painting, Limor Barnea Studio.
Art Exhibitions
2010 May, Group exhibition, Ligad Center, Modiin.
2010 August, Group exhibition, Ramat Aviv.
2011 March, Group exhibition for Woman`s day, Modiin.
2013 March, Group exhibition in Modiin Auditorium.
2014 January-December,Y-net Web site for Artist.
2014 April, Group exhibition, Einan Gallery, Modiin.
2014 July-August, Group exhibition, Neeman Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2014 Sep, Group exhibition, Prima Hotel Gallery,Tiberius.
2015 Feb, Imagination,Bank Hapoalim Israeli Art group exhibition, Tel Aviv.
2015 May, Jaffa Port  Art group exhibition, Tel Aviv.
2016 Feb, Imagination,Bank Hapoalim Israeli Art group exhibition, Tel Aviv.
2016 March,Kisses,Amiad ,Jaffa,Tel Aviv.
2016 March-November Art Gallery "City-Garden" Tel Aviv
2016 Dec,  Art Project ,Art Basel,Miami.
2017 Feb,Miami Coconut Grove Art Festival,Miami.
2017 Mar,Sher Gallery ,Miami.
2017 Jun,  Basel, Art Basel.